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Jo has a warmth and steadiness that allows others to feel at ease within themselves. Yoga of Stillness sessions with Jo supports you to develop a connection with the gorgeous, natural stillness and self love that is in our bodies, just waiting for us to surrender to. Her sessions allow you to lovingly observe and feel what is truly happening in your body; to let go of overthinking and respond naturally from the body and a settled mind to claim what feels true for You.


Jo has over 20yrs experience in paediatric and child and family health  nursing, and over 18yrs experience as a mother (5yrs of those a single mother) but first and foremost she is a woman – soft, gentle, steady, sensitive, and graceful.  Through her experiences in all these areas she has come to understand the everyday pressures and struggles on women, men, mother’s, father’s, grandparents, teenagers, children, and babies.

Jo attended her first Yoga of Stillness class 4 years ago. She had been living most of her life in a constant low level anxious state - having had her first panic attack at the age of 15 - trying to keep up with expectations of where she should be in life as a mother, a wife and a nurse.  It was through Yoga of Stillness she started to realise how truly exhausted she was – she felt as though her mind was racing ahead and her body was struggling to keep up. She was also able to recognise the constant negative thoughts and the impact they were having, how she was approaching everyday situations and other people with a picture or an expectation of how they should be and the disappointment that followed when these pictures were not met. 


Through Yoga of Stillness, Jo has seen and experienced the benefits of connecting to and building a relationship with our body that is gentle, self caring and loving, that supports us throughout our everyday lives, leaving us feeling more vital and purposeful.

These sessions are not diagnostic or treatment. Consultation with your doctor is always recommended for any health condition you are experiencing.


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