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yoga for vitality &


gentle yoga for everyone.

Our purpose is to share a way of connecting to your body to build a relationship with yourself, that is gentle, self caring and loving. Getting to know what your body uniquely needs to support you throughout your every day.


yoga of


Yoga of Stillness offers the benefits of building a relationship to support connection anxiousness, overwhelm and nervous tension.


yoga of Stillness sessions

One on one sessions in a clinic setting as either a program or single sessions are available to support you to be more present in everyday life. 


online yoga of stillness

One on one sessions via Skype from your home, any where in the world.  These sessions can be offered as a program or single sessions to support your well-being.

With over 20yrs experience in the health industry, Jo has seen and personally experienced the effects today’s busy lifestyles have on our emotional well being and our overall health.


Jo is passionate about sharing a way of living that honours what we feel, and to deeply self care. Yoga sessions with Jo support you to lovingly feel your body and observe your patterns and behaviours. 

Note: These sessions are not diagnostic or treatment. Consultation with your doctor is always recommended for any health condition you are experiencing.



Jo brings brings a sense of warmth and calm when caring for others. She has supported me through my relationship with myself and others offering wisdom and clarity with a complete lack of judgment. An absolutely gorgeous yoga practitioner and a

lovely person to work alongside of.” 


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